Poésie et Chanson (French Poetry and Songs) – Les Oiseaux Le Plus Gros

Learning French poetry and songs is a great way to aid French Learning as you get to learn new words, train your ears to French sounds << les sons du français >> and develop oral language skills.

In this lesson, we will learn une comptine, a nursery rhyme called Les Oiseaux Le Plus Gros.


Les Oiseaux Le Plus Gros – The Biggest Birds

Les oiseaux les plus gros,

Ne sont pas les plus beaux.

J’en ai vu des petits,

Qui étaient si jolis.

Dans ma main je les ai pris,

Et dans ma poche je les ai mis.

En marchant dans la rue,

Je les ai tous perdus.


La Traduction – The Translation

The biggest birds 🐦

are not the most beautiful,

I saw little ones

That were very pretty,

I took them in my hands 🤲

And I put them in my pockets.

While walking on the road 🚶‍♀️

I lost them all.


Listen to the audio recording below to learn how to sing it. Remember chantez à pleine voix, sing aloud. There is no shame in learning a new language and singing/speaking out loud will help you build your confidence and speaking skills.


Words to Remember:

Un Oiseau – A bird

Beau – Beautiful

Petit – Small

Joli – Pretty

La Main – Hand

Mettre – To put

La Poche – Pocket

Marcher – To walk

La Rue – The road

Perdre – To lose


If you enjoyed our first Poésie et Chanson, French Poetry and Songs lesson, please let me know in the comment box below. You can take a look at our previous lessons here.


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